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Who are we ?

This section features short profiles of members of our club.

Adrian Withers (Junior)

Adrian Withers

Age : 15
D.O.B. : 24 April 1996

Adrian is a very enthusiastic member of ETC and can be seen at the club often. He is currently the Junior Boys Singles Champion and plays in the Northern Junior Leagues for ETC. He also represents his school (Edgemead High) in tennis and is in grade 9.

Adrian also enjoys swimming. In his spare time Adrian enjoys Wii and watching TV.

Adrian has been a member of ETC for about 4 years and gets coached at our club by coaches Christine and Paul. His favorite shot is the forehand (check the photo) and he plays with a Wilson BLX Pro Open tennis racquet. He is a Novak Djokovic fan (now that I think of it – that’s whose forehand Adrian is trying to copy).

Adrian has a younger sister, Julie, and is the son of Dominique and Steven.

Michelle Griffiths aka "il Capitano"

Michelle Griffiths

Michelle is a long standing member of the club and has recently taken over the task of captaincy for the ladies and men's teams, since Andre Vermeulen has had a serious foot operation that will keep him off the courts for some time. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Initially she was a reluctant candidate for captaincy, but after serious persuasion, she has risen to the occasion admirably with a no-nonsense attitude, commitment and making intelligent selections for teams. She has used her experience at the club wisely. It's not an easy job, so you go, girl!

Michelle currently plays for the 3rd team and is generally found at the club three times a week. Her favourite shot must be her backhand down the line, which is terribly deceptive. She has the hots for Nadal as her all-time favourite player because of his biceps and butt.

Her other pastimes include cycling and sipping Jameson's with water and ice after a tough practice session.